What are Colloidal and Ionic Trace Minerals and How Do They Benefit Me?

Trace Minerals such as colloidal and ionic minerals are necessary trace minerals that we do not get with the food we eat. At Pure Fulvic Minerals, we believe in being open with our customers about what is in our product. Our Pure Fulvic product contains over 70 highly bio-available colloidal and ionic trace minerals and elements. It is made from a prehistoric plant deposit that dates back to the Cretaceous period. We do not use harsh chemicals in our process and the facility we use is organic and certified gluten-free.

What Are Trace Minerals?

Trace minerals are the minerals that we need in small amounts, unlike calcium and magnesium, which are known as macro minerals. Trace minerals are an essential part of our diets as well, but many people do not get these minerals in everyday life. All-natural foods lack the nutrients we need because modern farming brings these minerals to the surface, washing them away. Some key benefits of trace minerals are that they are conductors for the electrical impulses of the body, they help form enzymes and hormones, they play a critical role in the balance of our cells, and help the pancreas produce digestive enzymes. They also slow the rate of bone loss in women!

Colloidal Minerals

Colloidal minerals are groups of mineral molecules that are held together by electrical properties that keep them suspended in liquid, instead of floating to the bottom. They are the building blocks of our bodies and create better absorption through their electrical impulses. Some amazing benefits of colloidal minerals in our fulvic minerals product are improved memory, reduced hair loss, increased energy, reduced aches, and pains, and more!

Ionic Minerals

Liquid minerals are often referred to as ionic minerals. These minerals carry an electric charge, as most minerals do. The ionic charge in these minerals is pertinent for ideal health benefits within your body. Many foods that we consume today do not hold these minerals due to the diminishing availability of nutrients in agriculture and the popularity of processed foods. These minerals have the unique ability to bind to undesirable ions in your body and remove them from your system.

Fulvic minerals provide a wide array of benefits. You can learn more about them by clicking here! Pure Fulvic Minerals contains the highest quality pure fulvic acid and trace minerals available. You can contact us using our online form or browse our website for more information about the amazing benefits of trace minerals.