Fulvic Acid

Whether due to of food processing or modern farming techniques, foods often lack the nutrients and minerals humans need to survive, so we have to rely on mineral supplements in order to get essential nutrients. Trace minerals are especially important in this respect since, unlike major minerals such as magnesium, calcium, and potassium, these minerals are more difficult to include in a regular diet.

Fulvic acid has the unique ability to enhance the absorption our nutrients like vitamins, minerals, and even herbal supplements. By consuming just a few drops of fulvic acid minerals each day, individuals can make up for the mineral deficiencies that may result from a typical diet and enhance the absorption of other key nutrients. Even people who eat healthy, organic foods can take fulvic acid mineral supplements to ensure that they receive all of the trace minerals that their diet is lacking. In order to get the best form available of the trace minerals our bodies need to survive, such as boron, manganese, and vanadium, it’s important to include fulvic acid minerals in our daily diet.

Our Pure Fulvic Minerals come from one of the richest sources of fulvic acid and trace minerals known to man. This fulvic mineral deposit is rich in minerals that have developed naturally for over 60 million years, since the (end of the) Cretaceous Period. Since that time, the prehistoric plant life has broken down into fulvic acids and trace minerals in the form of preserved sea plant material, called ‘fulvic shale’ by geologists.

In addition to the location, the purity of a fulvic acid supplement is also determined by the extraction process used to procure it from the source material. One major flaw for many fulvic acid supplement providers is the fact that they employ an acid-based extraction system. This contaminates the fulvic acid samples which are derived from the source, thus diluting the health benefits associated with the supplement and possibly making it unsafe for consumption. With Pure Fulvic Minerals, you are guaranteed to receive a supplement that has been taken from the purest source on the continent, if not the world. Furthermore, our fulvic acids are extracted using only purified water, ensuring that the liquid mineral supplement you receive is 100% natural and completely safe for daily use.

Pure Fulvic Minerals takes special precautions when obtaining our fulvic acid to ensure that no damage occurs to the environment or the source material. Many of our competitors do not make the effort to preserve the environment when mining for fulvic acid, or, they damage the fulvic acid through their extraction methods. We are a company whose members have the best interests of both the customer and the environment in mind.

True fulvic acid should be amber in color. If it is not a rich amber, it is likely a watered down product or a product that contains no fulvic acid at all.

What is “Free Form” Fulvic Acid? Fulvic acids are an organic variety of acids that first formed in soil thousands of years ago. When you hear the term “fulvic minerals,” it simply refers to minerals that have become bound to fulvic acids, many of which are amino acids. The fulvic acids were so abundant in these ancient soils that many of them went unused or unreactive, resulting in a “free form” fulvic acids. Despite the fact that these fulvic acids were not attached to any specific minerals, they still offer a myriad of health benefits. At Pure Fulvic Minerals, we get our fulvic acid from a very rare deposit of fulvic shale and clay that is rich in both fulvic minerals and fulvic acids.

Pure Fulvic Minerals fulvic acids contain only those fulvic acids which remained in their free form state. These unbound and unreactive acids are capable of transferring up to 60 times their own weight in nutrients, causing them to act as an extremely efficient delivery system for foods and supplements. Often called the “missing link” of nutrition, fulvic acids can detoxify even the most severe chemicals. Studies have proven that fulvic acids are also capable of neutralizing radiation. As a potent electrolyte, fulvic acid can deliver a trickle-charge of electricity to all living cells.

Pure Fulvic Mineral’s fulvic mineral deposit offers all of these benefits and more. No single supplement, food, or combination thereof can provide the natural health benefits that are found in this unique mixture of free form fulvic acids and fulvic minerals.