Trace Minerals

What are trace minerals?

We have all heard about how our bodies need certain minerals like calcium and magnesium; however, it’s not often that we hear about how we also need trace minerals. Minerals like calcium, magnesium, phosphorus, and potassium are known as macro minerals. Macro minerals are needed by the body in large amounts and trace minerals are the minerals that we need in very small amounts

Trace minerals are an essential part of any diet. Unfortunately, many people fail to get these much-needed nutrients from their everyday diet. All-natural foods often lack the nutrients we need, since modern farming techniques have brought these minerals to the surface, where they are washed away.

Trace minerals are a 100% natural element; they cannot be manufactured or created in a laboratory. Instead, trace minerals are only found in foods or all-natural supplements. Some examples of trace minerals are selenium, vanadium, germanium, and iodine.

Trace minerals benefits

In the past, very few people knew much about trace minerals and their benefits for our health. They were not included in multi-vitamins or minerals and they were hard to find even in most health food stores. However, now we know how important these trace minerals are for nearly every function in the body. Mineral ions are needed for conducting the electrical impulses that keep your muscles working, including your heart. Here are just a few of the key health benefits of trace minerals:

  • Ionized conductors for the electrical impulses in the body
  • Key ingredients in the formation of enzymes and hormones
  • They have a critical role in the health of our cells, trace mineral imbalances in our cells is one of the most basic causes of disease
  • The pancreas relies on trace minerals for the production of digestive enzymes
  • Slow the rates of bone loss in women

Best way to add trace minerals to our diet

Because these nutrients are so depleted from the soil of most of the farms of today, we need to find a way to add them to our diet. Thankfully, we have found a way to help with that. Pure Fulvic Minerals is able to retrieve trace minerals straight from fulvic shale. This fulvic shale has taken millions of years to form and is rich in trace minerals and fulvic acid. Using only purified water, we collect these minerals through a safe and natural process.

In addition to eating a well-balanced diet, individuals can improve their health by supplementing with all-natural trace minerals. This ensures that you are receiving the proper amounts of trace minerals in your diet, especially since food alone is often not enough to fulfill this need. Pure Fulvic Minerals is a broad-spectrum trace mineral liquid concentrate that is rich in fulvic acid, all of which is extracted using a 100% natural, safe process.