Who We Are

At Pure Fulvic Minerals, your health is important to us. We are passionate about the benefits of fulvic acids and trace minerals and what they can do to improve your lives. We have seen first-hand the amazing benefits of our fulvic minerals and we encourage you to learn more about what our product can do for you.

Every human needs both major and trace minerals to survive. While major nutrients like calcium and potassium are easy to find, trace minerals like manganese and vanadium are rare. When we eat healthy foods, they lack the trace minerals our body needs to survive. In order to achieve complete nutrition in our diets, we must rely on mineral supplements.

When it comes to getting the vitamins and minerals your body needs, fulvic acids are the key to getting the most for your money. Because fulvic acid has the unique ability to enhance the absorption of vitamins and minerals, supplements containing this substance are by far the most effective products on the market today. Fulvic acid is actually derived from fulvic shale, a rich source of trace minerals which contains millions of years of preserved plant material. These plants existed during a time when the soil still contained all the minerals – both major and trace – that we need to live. Now, their preserved materials continue to provide nutrition to millions of people around the world.

Pure Fulvic Minerals uses fulvic acid extracted from one of the purest fulvic shale sources in the Southern United States. Our product is extracted from the shale using purified water, ensuring that all minerals are 100% natural and safe for daily use. We take great care to preserve the environment from which our fulvic acids are taken. Unlike our competitors, we never water down our product. With just a few drops a day of Pure Fulvic Minerals, you’ll be well on your way to living a healthier, happier life.