Manufacturing Process

The first step in creating a supplement rich in healthy fulvic acid and trace minerals, is travel. Few locations in the United States can justifiably boast the source materials needed for Pure Fulvic Minerals supplements, and we are lucky enough to get our source material from one of the richest sources known to man. Our expert team has special access to these mineral deposits which are the best source for fulvic acid and trace minerals in the U.S.

Though the ocean waters that once existed at these locations disappeared millions of years ago, the nutrients and minerals from the plants and animals that once inhabited these waters have remained in the surrounding fulvic shale and clay. When our expert staff harvests fulvic acid, they can see the mineral crystals that still remain in the fulvic shale. Amazingly, the minerals found here are still completely natural and highly useful when it comes to health benefits, even though most of them were originally deposited during the Cretaceous Period over 60 million years ago.

Once the fulvic shale is mined for samples, our experts use a special process to transport, cure, and dry these mineral samples. After the samples are dried, purified water is used to obtain the important trace minerals and fulvic acid. The result is a 100% natural liquid rich in fulvic acid trace minerals in a colloidal form that our bodies need to survive.

The process of extracting our colloidal minerals from the source is quite complex and requires an attention to detail. Furthermore, researchers and expert technicians are specially trained in mining these materials without harming the source or the surrounding environment. Their special care throughout the process helps to preserve not only the source itself, but also the minerals which are found inside the mined materials.

We only use cool purified water in the extraction of the fulvic acid and trace minerals and elements. No acids, chemicals, preservatives, sweeteners, or coloring is added to the product.