Frequently Asked Questions

Pure Fulvic Minerals is committed to ensuring that all of our customers are educated, informed, and knowledgeable about the benefits of fulvic acid, liquid minerals, and the products that we offer. Below, you will find a number of frequently asked questions. If you do not find an answer to a question that you have, we encourage you to reach out to us via our contact page.

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New recommended daily use is 10-15 drops in 8 ounces of non-chlorinated drinking water or juice once daily.

Yes, our product is 100% fulvic in solution. However, this is a claim that you’ll find on just about any website for a fulvic acid product. Actually, any product which contains fulvic acid is 100% fulvic in solution since this type of acid is soluble at any portion. Also remember that it is impossible for a fulvic acid solution can be 100% fulvic acid. To get a better sense of fulvic acid content, look at the parts per million count for the product. For example, our product has a high fulvic acid content at a range of 50,000 to 80,000 parts per million. This is a more accurate reflection of the high fulvic content in our product as compared to others.

Since fulvic and humic acids are naturally acidic, a product which claims to contain these substances should have an acidic pH. Generally, fulvic mineral products with a pH that exceeds 3.0 contain alkalized or ionized water which can neutralize the fulvic acids. The interactions of the metallic compounds and hydrogen ions with the fulvic acids alters their free form structure. As a result, the product lacks the health benefits that would be offered by fulvic acids in an acidic solution.

Fulvic and humic acids in an acidic pH solution have a similar effect on the body as certain other highly acidic substances, including vitamin C. These substances work safely on the body as powerful anti-oxidants and electrolytes by releasing only a small amount of their hydrogen content, ensuring that no damage is done to the lining of the stomach. While Pure Fulvic Minerals, like vitamin C, is acidic in nature, they actually have an alkalizing effect on the body. If you find a fulvic acid mineral supplement that claims to be alkaline or a pH of 7 or higher, this product will have been adulterated and the fulvic acid may be neutralized.

Although some companies claim that humic acids are superior to fulvic acids, this is incorrect. It is true that both fulvic and humic acids to have health benefits, there are differences between the two. Fulvic acids are a type of lightweight humic acid which has remarkably high oxygen content. You’ll often see that the fulvic and humic acid content in a product is displayed by their ratio to one another in their natural state. Fulvic acid offers numerous nutritional benefits, while non-fulvic humic acids contain stronger antiviral and antibacterial properties. Both fulvic acids and humic acids are included in Pure Fulvic Minerals. (See our Independent Laboratory Analyses).

If a substance is ionic, it has an electrical charge. Since all minerals contain an electrical charge, every mineral is ionic. Therefore, all colloidal minerals are ionic minerals, as well, so neither one can be superior to the other. According to scientific peer journals, fulvic and non-fulvic humic acids are colloids. However, the unique abilities of fulvic minerals to give up or take on ions allow them to provide amazing health benefits. For example, when fulvic colloids give up ions, they help deliver the benefits of mineral content to cells in the body. Likewise, fulvic colloids can take on ions to detoxify the body of unwanted substances. The abilities to give up and take on ions makes fulvic acid molecules very complex, which means they can never be synthesized.

The term “ionic” applies to all minerals since every mineral has an electrical charge. Colloidal minerals are groups of mineral molecules which are held together by electrical properties or suspended in a liquid. Meanwhile, “angstrom” refers to the size of the ions in a mineral. Angstrom minerals contain ions which are one ten-billionth of a meter or less in size. Each of these terms applies to fulvic acid minerals, making them one of the most complex and unique molecules found in nature. In fact, scientists and researchers have yet to find a way to synthesize colloids as unique as fulvic acid minerals, which are able to release single ions of angstrom size at the right time and place within the body. While most colloids are not easily absorbed, fulvic acids make our minerals special in that their donor and receptor sites make absorption much more efficient. In fact, a more scientific way to refer to these groupings of molecules is a “poly-colloidal fulvic mineral complex.”

Since we use only purified water to extract minerals from our source material, we have no need to hide behind a “proprietary process.” We use a multi-stage vortex extraction method that was developed by our team of researchers. Our source material is among the rarest on earth, making it impossible for our product to be duplicated. If you want to know more about our process, please email us using the contact form on this website.

Pure Fulvic Minerals consistently tests at 50,000 part per million (ppm) to 100,000 ppm fulvic acid. This means our product contains between 5% and 10% fulvic acid. While this number may seem low at first glance, be wary of any product that claims to contain more than 10% fulvic acid content. Some products claim to have 70% fulvic acid content (or 700,000 ppm). However, upon closer look, these products often have a 20% humic acid (200,000 ppm) and 20% mineral content (350,000 ppm). Basic chemistry will tell you that these numbers don’t add up. This product would have over one million ppm of mineral content, making it a solid rather than a liquid. Even 500,000 ppm in a product would turn the liquid into a thick, sludgy substance. In fact, it’s extremely rare for a product to contain more than 4% fulvic acid content since fulvic acids appear in minute quantities in nature. Therefore, Pure Fulvic Minerals has one of the highest fulvic acid content percentages on the market – without false or exaggerated content percentage claims.

Since all fulvic acids are humic acids, it’s more helpful to actually find out the non-fulvic humic acid content in a product. Pure Fulvic Minerals contains between 0.45% (4500 ppm) and 1% (10,000 ppm) non-fulvic humic acid content

Yes, our product is plant-derived. If a fulvic mineral is of plant origin, it must contain trace amounts of all amino acids. Pure Fulvic Minerals has passed numerous laboratory tests for amino acid content, ensuring that it is a plant-derived product. This means that Pure Fulvic Minerals also contains carbon, iron, and at least 60 or more trace minerals and elements.

The majority of people who take fulvic minerals feel a more consistent flow of daily energy and endurance within the first few days. After several weeks, other benefits are usually experienced by consistent users, including healthier hair, skin, nails, and teeth, improvements in the digestive system and a reduction in stress and aches and pains. Though you may not notice it, your body will also be experiencing an increased absorption of minerals from the foods and supplements you intake on a daily basis. Pure Fulvic Minerals is also a powerful, natural antioxidant, offering a “trickle-charge” of electrical energy which is vital to all living cells.

Pure Fulvic Minerals has an 80-year track record of safe and beneficial daily use by humans and animals alike. We spare no expense to make sure Pure Fulvic Minerals are the finest and most scientifically supported fulvic minerals on the market today. Our product is always tested by independent laboratories to ensure that no yeast, fungus, bacteria, or mold is contained in the product before it becomes available for purchase. At the same time, these laboratories also assert that Pure Fulvic Minerals meets its claims as to the amino acid, trace mineral, trace element, fulvic acid, and humic acid content of the product. When you take Pure Fulvic Minerals daily, you can be sure that the product is safe and offers all of the health benefits you expect from a superior fulvic acid supplement.

Pure Fulvic Minerals is a superior product compared to others on the market for several reasons. For example, Pure Fulvic Minerals contains only viable nutrients, unlike other mineral products which are actually made from coals like lignite or leonordite which are low in BTUs. Unlike Pure Fulvic Minerals, these inferior products contain little (if any) trace minerals or fulvic acids. They are sold in large bottles that are sometimes 32 ounces in size, meaning that the product is very diluted. Pure Fulvic Minerals are sold and taken in smaller quantities because of the high potency and fulvic acid content of our product. Also, we only get our trace mineral products from natural, plant sources, while others derive their mineral products from salt lake sources which contain unhealthy levels of chloride and carbon. Therefore, Pure Fulvic Minerals contains high quantities of amino acids, trace minerals, fulvic acids, and humic acids without any of the metal, chloride, or carbon content found in other products. Be especially wary of “black water” products – these products contain high levels of carbon and coal dust which dramatically decrease the health benefits of the fulvic acids.

No, Pure Fulvic Minerals are trace minerals, which are the rare minerals not commonly found in most foods. Calcium and magnesium are not trace minerals, therefore users cannot expect to replace their calcium and magnesium intake by using Pure Fulvic Minerals. Our product does, however, help fight against trace mineral deficiencies, which can have profound effects on overall health. Even the trace element arsenic, which is organic, fulvic, and poly-colloidal, is needed in trace amounts. Calcium and other macro-minerals like magnesium are best supplemented by taking calcium and magnesium in the form of a citrate, orotate, lactate, gluconate, or amino acid chelates. Avoid the use of coral calcium, calcium carbonate, or oxide forms of magnesium and zinc from limestone.

At this time, organic certification is not available for mineral products.  However, based on the extensive laboratory testing performed on our product, we know that our minerals are indeed organic for the following reasons:

  • They contain amino acids.
  • They contain colloidal carbon and colloidal iron.
  • They contain high quantities of fulvic acids and humic acids.

These scientific markers indicate the organic nature of our minerals. All mineral products on the market claiming to be “organic” should meet the same scientific criteria.

Pure Fulvic Minerals contains a remarkable 60-70% of naturally occurring oxygen so there is no need to add hydrogen peroxide, deutirium sulfate, or sodium chlorite, all of which are common chemical oxygen boosting agents and additives. Furthermore, the high oxygen content of our product is additional evidence of Pure Fulvic Mineral’s rich fulvic acid content.

Because we offer free shipping with our products, we do not currently offer two-day or overnight shipping via our website. If you need your order shipped via these methods, please call or email us to make arrangements.

Since we offer free shipping, we do not currently have online options for two-day or overnight shipping. If you would like to inquire about alternate shipping methods, we encourage you to contact us.

Pure Fulvic Minerals does not contain gluten or gluten derivatives of any kind. Gluten containing materials are not used in any aspect of our mining, manufacturing, or packaging operations. We use Mineral Logic’s facility and it is a “gluten free” facility.

There are 130 Servings in a single bottle of Pure Fulvic Minerals.

The allergens soy, dairy, egg, corn, wheat, peanuts, shellfish, crustaceans, fin fish and tree nuts or any derivatives thereof are not used as an ingredient, additive or filler in any stage of the manufacturing or packaging of our products.