Fulvic Acid Minerals

What are fulvic acid minerals ?

Fulvic acid minerals are a solution of fulvic acid and a variety of plant-derived colloidal minerals. They are quickly being recognized as a key factor in health and wellness. Fulvic acid occurs naturally in plants and soil and can be thought of as the elixir of life because, without it, life would not exist. Because the molecular weight of fulvic acid is so low, it can easily transport nutrients in the body. In fact, fulvic acids are able to transport over 60 times their own weight in vitamins and minerals into cells. This also makes it easier for cells to digest vitamins and minerals, allowing those who consume fulvic acid to feel its positive health effects faster.

Fulvic acid minerals benefits

The benefits related to fulvic acid minerals range from increased energy to improved healing capabilities. Fulvic acid can also be used to aid in the treatment of certain skin conditions, such as poison ivy, rashes, and bug bites. Most people who take fulvic mineral supplements like those provided by Pure Fulvic Minerals can start to realize their health benefits from day one. In addition to a dramatic increase in their energy and metabolism levels, many people report improved endurance, healthier skin and nails, better concentration and focus, and a stronger immune system.

How are fulvic acid minerals extracted?

Our fulvic acid minerals are harvested from fulvic shale located here in the United States in an area that was once covered by ocean water and prehistoric plant life during the Cretaceous Period. The fulvic shale is rich in fulvic and humic acids and the trace minerals our bodies need to survive. Pure Fulvic Minerals are carefully extracted from the fulvic shale using no chemicals, only cool, purified water utilizing a process that retains all of the fulvic acids and natural trace minerals which have been developing for millions of years.

There are significant health benefits to taking fulvic acid minerals, which are derived from prehistoric plant materials, and other elemental minerals found in fulvic shale. Fulvic acid minerals not only have more health benefits than traditional liquid minerals, they are also safer for human consumption. Furthermore, some suppliers extract these minerals using acid, causing the resulting supplement to be depleted of some minerals. This also renders them unreliable as far as product safety is concerned.

Recommended dosage for Pure Fulvic Minerals

Individuals who take fulvic acid minerals can feel their powerful health benefits with just a few drops each day. The recommended dosage is 7 drops a day which makes each bottle a four month supply for one person. Your health care practitioner may recommend a smaller or larger dose depending on your specific needs.

Pure Fulvic Minerals contains fulvic acids and over 70 minerals and trace elements, which means that this liquid supplement can make up for the areas where most people’s day-to-day nutrition is lacking. Since the majority of our foods are processed or lacking in these much-needed nutrients, a fulvic acid mineral supplement is the best way to ensure that you are getting the trace minerals that you need and optimal absorption and benefits from the nutrients in your diet.