Ionic Liquid Minerals

Essentially, “ionic” is used to describe a molecule or various electrically charged mineral particles with a positive or negative charge, respectively. This is a basic lesson we all learn in chemistry class, but what many people don’t realize is that all minerals carry an electric charge. This is why liquid mineral supplements are often referred to as “ionic minerals.”

The ionic charge within these minerals is essential for the health benefits they provide. Every second, thousands of tiny electrical impulses are surging through our bodies, the result of minerals interacting with our cells. Individually, these impulses are minute, but when combined they power all the major organs in our body, including the heart and the brain. Although we get some of the ionic minerals we need from food, the diminishing availability of nutrients in agriculture and the widespread popularity of processed foods has dramatically reduced the amount of nutrients we receive from a normal diet. Even the healthiest eaters lack important trace minerals needed for optimum body functioning.

Ions released from fulvic colloidal molecular chains solve this dilemma by providing the trace minerals each of our bodies requires in order to properly function. The tiny electrical charges within these nutrients provide the energy and immune system boost that we need to live a healthy lifestyle day in and day out.

Keep in mind that “ionic” is one of many words that apply to these types of minerals. “Colloidal” is another common term that refers to the fact that these mineral molecular chains are found suspended in a liquid. Colloids are a grouping of molecules held together by electrical properties allowing them to be suspended in liquid form. Fulvic colloids have the unique ability to give up single ions for delivery or to impart the benefits of the minerals to the cells. They also have the unique ability to take on or bind undesirable ions in the body, removing (or detoxifying) them from the system.  As toxins are bound to the receptor sites along the fulvic minerals’ molecular chains, they are effectively eliminated from the body, creating an improvement in overall health for the individual consuming these liquid minerals.

Ionic liquid minerals’ excellent absorption rates are due to donor (giving up an ion) sites contained within the structure of these very complex fulvic molecules. This frees the smallest size size ions to impart their nutritional benefits to the body. This, in part, is the reason why fulvic and humic acid colloids cannot be synthesized. This also is the reason why our minerals have such a wide variety of benefits. All fulvic acids are, in fact, both ionic (they contain a charge) and colloidal (they are suspended in liquid). Do not be swayed by other supplement providers who may try to convince you otherwise.