Angstrom Minerals

When customers are looking to absorb their mineral supplements faster, one of the factors they should consider is the particle size of the minerals they are ingesting. In the case of trace minerals, the smaller the particle the faster it can be absorbed, thereby allowing the individual to feel the health benefits of that supplement faster.

Angstrom minerals are composed of the smallest possible particles in a mineral supplement. In fact, the term “angstrom” is actually a unit of measurement equaling one ten billionth of a meter. While we can’t see a particle this tiny with our own eyes, scientists can prove that the minerals in these liquid supplements are that small. When an individual consumes angstrom minerals, cells in the body are able to absorb them almost immediately thanks to their minuscule size. Angstrom-sized minerals are available in a wide variety of supplements, some of which are restricted to one type of trace mineral, such as germanium or vanadium. Others combine several angstrom minerals into one liquid mineral supplement.

Angstrom minerals have become increasingly popular in recent years. The reason for this increase in sales can be attributed to more developed studies regarding the health benefits of these supplements. Natural health experts and scientists have both found a long list of positive effects associated with angstrom minerals. Among the many benefits of regularly consuming angstrom minerals are improvements in the function of the digestive, immune, and endocrine systems and better focus and concentration.

Possibly the most important benefit of angstrom minerals is their ability to decalcify the body. Calcification occurs when certain minerals, which are too large to be easily absorbed by cells, enter the body. As a result, these minerals accumulate and cause calcification in the body. Angstrom minerals can help to remove this calcification, which can in turn help to prevent disease.

In order for angstrom minerals to be absorbed quickly, they must be in liquid form with fulvic acids. This helps them incorporate into cells easily. Unlike other nutrients, angstrom minerals are so small that human cells do not need to first break down and digest the mineral before absorption takes place. To summarize: to qualify as angstrom size, the ion released from the donor sites of a fulvic colloid must be a unit of measurement that equals one ten-billionth of a meter or less in size.  Fulvic acid minerals contain all three states making them the most unique and complex molecules in nature. Science has yet to synthesize colloids that are able to release single ions of angstrom size at the appropriate time and place within the body and cells.  The statement that colloids are not easily absorbed is true for any other colloids because they do not contain the complex variety of donor and receptor sites that fulvic colloids do. In fact, the more accurate term for these groupings of molecules is: a poly-colloidal fulvic mineral complex.

Pure Fulvic Minerals contain angstrom-sized ionic particles released from the donor sites of the colloidal molecular chains which can quickly be absorbed into the body, allowing our customers to feel the benefits of the supplement in a shorter amount of time.