The Benefits of Fulvic Acid Found in Pure Fulvic Minerals

Pure Fulvic Minerals is composed of fulvic acid as well as 70 highly bio-available colloidal / ionic trace minerals and elements. In this blog, we are going to discuss fulvic acid’s uses and benefits.

What is fulvic acid?

It is an organic acid that occurs naturally in decomposed matter that exists in humus in the Earth’s crust.  This nutrient, even for the most conscious eaters, is not generally available in a healthy diet. Fulvic acid is unique in its ability to enhance your body’s absorption of vitamins, minerals, and herbal supplements that would otherwise be expelled or not reach the ideal places within our bodies.

What are some benefits of consuming fulvic acid?

Nutrient absorption: Consuming plant-based foods rich in nutrients does not go far enough to ensure peak health throughout the various systems in our bodies. In fact, fulvic acids increase the ability of your body to efficiently and properly use nutrients that you have consumed from the plants you eat.

Improved energy and endurance: By virtue of the essential nutrients present in fulvic acid, many Pure Fulvic Minerals users find themselves more energized. Fulvic acid actually works to aide your body’s cells in remaining active while experiencing damaging events such as insomnia, poor diet, and stress.

Increased testosterone production: Studies have shown that in healthy adults fulvic acid increases testosterone levels, free testosterone levels, and DHEA levels. There was even a study of infertile men who when taking fulvic acid increased their sperm count, sperm quality, and testosterone levels.

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