Pure Fulvic Minerals Utilizes Fulvic Acid Test to Assist Customers in Comparing Products

Recently, Pure Fulvic Minerals’ source, Mineral Logic, implemented a new fulvic acid test to more accurately compare our products to the products sold by our competitors. Called the Lamar method, this test was also utilized by the Association of American Plant Food Control Officials and allows for a much better cross comparison between different brands of fulvic acid.

According to Ralf Ostertag, the chief science officer at Mineral Logic, “Up until now, consumers were faced with the almost impossible task of making accurate comparisons of products containing fulvic acid because suppliers used different methods of measurement that could produce widely varying results.”

With this new testing method, we hope that our customers are able to make better, more informed choices about their fulvic acid purchases. We encourage all of our readers to view the full article on the website of Mineral Logic.