How is Fulvic Acid Extracted?

Scientists and researchers have developed the technology to extract fulvic acid from the fulvic shale deposits. By using low temperature purified water, fulvic acid fractions can be reactivated and dispersed into a liquid. The fulvic acid becomes suspended within the liquid, creating a nutrient-rich supplement which can be prepared for human consumption.

Once the fulvic acid liquid minerals have been extracted, tested and bottled, it can be ingested by humans. These supplements contain an abundance of minerals and trace elements which are vital to our survival. Since the planet’s soil has been depleted of these minerals through modern farming techniques, these supplements fulfill the nutritional needs of our bodies that even organic plants do not satisfy. What makes fulvic acid so beneficial is that it not only contains a high concentration of minerals and trace elements, it also aids in the absorption of these nutritional elements. Unlike other mineral supplements, fulvic acids interact with and penetrate cell membranes before digestion, a key step which aids in absorption. Many researchers expect nearly all supplements in the coming years to be created with fulvic acid since it is so successful in increasing the effectiveness of a supplement.

Fulvic acid supplements are not all created equal, however. Some mineral products have a lower concentration of fulvic acid since these supplements can easily be diluted with water. It’s important for consumers to investigate a product’s actual fulvic acid content since this has a significant effect on both the nutritional value and the efficacy of the supplement.