The Importance of High Quality Fulvic Colloids

If you are considering buying mineral supplements, it’s likely that you’ll encounter the word “colloid” at least a few times. This scientific term refers to a state of matter where one substance is finely dispersed in another. When used to describe a mineral supplement, this means the mineral is dispersed in a liquid – most commonly, water. Unlike a two-phase system suspension, colloidal dispersion is both uniform and permanent. The colloidal minerals remain stable thanks to the charged interactions between the mineral particles and the liquid in which they are dispersed.

Colloid quality is generally determined by the size of the mineral particles in the dispersion. Colloid particles typically have a diameter between 0.001 and 2.0 microns. In some cases, the mineral presence of fulvic acid reduces the size of these particles to 0.005 microns or less. In fact, the particles can become so small that it becomes nearly impossible to measure their size. These tiny particles have a low weight which causes them to easily form in colloids and interact with the cells of the body when consumed. Certain fulvic colloids may target a certain biological function in the body based on their size.

Another factor in the quality of colloids is the concentration of mineral particles. When more particles are dispersed in a liquid, it increases the opportunity for electrical charges to be created between the particles and the liquid in which they are dispersed. This can be attributed to the increased particle surface area that is found when more particles are present. In addition to enhancing the electrical charges in the supplement, more surface area also means more space for toxins to be absorbed from the body. In general, a great concentration of mineral particles in a fulvic colloid will create the optimum conditions for creating beneficial biochemical reactions in the body when a supplement is consumed.

Finally, the fulvic acid content in the mineral product is also very important to fulvic colloid quality. Fulvic acid content is determined by the mineral’s origin. If the mineral is taken from an area rich in fulvic acid, the mineral will contain a higher concentration of plant origin particles and electrical potential. Not only will this produce more nutritional value for the body, it will also allow the body to benefit from the biochemical reactions created by an electrically charged colloid. Individuals looking to purchase a mineral supplement should take time to investigate a fulvic colloids source material as well as its mineral concentration and particle size to ensure that a product is high-quality.