Facts on Fulvic Minerals

Pure Fulvic Minerals is 100% fulvic in solution. However, this is a claim that you will find on most websites for a fulvic acid product. Since technically, any product which contains fulvic acid is 100% fulvic in solution because this type of acid is soluble at any portion. Though, it is impossible for a fulvic acid solution to be 100% fulvic acid. To get a better sense of fulvic acid content, look at the parts per million (ppm) count for the product. This is a more accurate reflection of the high fulvic content in our product as compared to others.

Pure Fulvic Minerals consistently tests at 50,000 parts per million (ppm) to 100,000 ppm fulvic acid. This means our product contains between 5% and 10% fulvic acid, and while this number may seem low, it isn’t. You should be wary of any product that claims to contain more than 10% fulvic acid content because these products often have a higher humic acid and mineral content. Though fulvic acid is a humic acid, it is more helpful to find out the non-fulvic humic acid content in the product. Pure Fulvic Minerals contains between .45% (4500 ppm) and 1% (10,000 ppm) non-fulvic humic acid content.

For instance, if a product claims to be 70% fulvic acid then it would have over one million ppm of mineral content, making it a solid, not a liquid. Even 500,000 ppm in a product would turn the liquid into a thick, sludge-like substance. It is exceedingly rare for a product to even contain more than 4% fulvic acid content since fulvic acids only appears in small quantities throughout nature. Therefore, Pure Fulvic Minerals has one of the highest fulvic acid content percentages on the market – without false or exaggerated content claims. We even provide our lab analysis test certificate for further inspection.

Fulvic Mineral is of plant origin, which means it contains amino acids such as carbon, iron, and over 60 more trace minerals and elements. Fulvic acid minerals are some of the most complex and unique molecules found in nature. Scientists have yet to find a way to synthesize colloids as unique as fulvic acid minerals, which are able to release single ions of angstrom size at the right time and place within the body. While most colloids are not easily absorbed, fulvic acids make our minerals special in that their donor and receptor sites make absorption much more efficient.

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