Benefits of Trace Minerals Found in Pure Fulvic Minerals

Trace minerals, or micro minerals, are an important part of your diet, but don’t get as much attention as minerals such as calcium, magnesium, phosphorus, and potassium which are called macro minerals. Macro minerals are needed by the body in larger amounts than micro minerals such as trace minerals.  Trace minerals are an essential part of any diet. Unfortunately, many people fail to get these much-needed nutrients from their everyday diet. All-natural foods often lack the nutrients we need, since modern farming techniques have brought these minerals to the surface, where they are washed away.

Trace minerals are a 100% natural element; they cannot be manufactured or created in a laboratory. Instead, trace minerals are only found in foods or all-natural supplements. Some examples of trace minerals are selenium, vanadium, germanium, and iodine. Some of the key health benefits of trace minerals, include:

Because trace minerals are no longer found in most soil, we need a way to incorporate them into your diets. Pure Fulvic Minerals contains trace minerals that are taken straight from fluvic shale. This shale, where we retrieve fulvic minerals and trace minerals using purified water, has taken millions of years to form. Pure Fulvic Minerals is a broad-spectrum trace mineral liquid concentrate that is rich in fulvic acid, all of which is extracted using a 100% natural, safe process.