Source Material

The key to obtaining 100% natural, organic fulvic acid is by locating the best source material. The source material is from a prime location for obtaining fulvic acids and trace minerals. During the Cretaceous Period, this area was covered by the ocean. Today, the area has an abundance of rich mineral deposits that contain the material from plant life that existed over 60 million years ago.

Because this fulvic shale has been developing for millions of years and is from prehistoric plant life, it is extremely rich in fulvic acid. These mineral deposits existed long before modern farming techniques were invented, after which many essential nutrients have been washed away from the soil. Today, our source of fulvic acid minerals is one of the richest sources known to man because of the long development of the mineral deposits and prehistoric plant life at this site.

The fulvic shale itself is like none other found in this country. With the naked eye one can see the mineral crystals that remain in the mineral deposits, proving that this fulvic shale contains actual, historic plant life. The fulvic shale formations created by this material can be several feet high, often several times the size of the average adult. The abundance of these mineral deposits is overwhelming, yet experts still are careful to preserve the site. The source material is actually moist to the touch, so when experts mine the material they must be extremely cautious.

At Pure Fulvic Minerals, all of our fulvic acid supplements are obtained through environmentally friendly practices. Through a specialized manufacturing process we use only purified cool water in a 100% natural process that results in completely safe and pure product. Because we involve mineral experts in the process, we can guarantee that the source materials is the best available in the U.S. today.

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