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Why Are Fulvic Minerals So Important To Take?

The best forms of fulvic minerals are derived from ancient lush rainforests that have been safely trapped by shifting plates from millions of years ago. Finding a rich deposit of quality fulvic minerals is rare and we are truly blessed to have direct access to this source material. A good source like ours from the Southern United States contains fulvic minerals with the lowest molecular weight available which allows them to more easily pass through the membranes of cells and enhances nutrient absorption. The next best source of fulvic minerals is from New Mexico, but the minerals from there contain too much carbon which negates the fulvic minerals potential health benefits.

Our soil and food supply should be rich in fulvic minerals. It is naturally present in soil and it helps to break down elemental minerals into a form that plants can absorb and utilize. Any extra fulvic acid that is not used by the plants would run off into the water table which enhances the drinking water.

Our problem with a fulvic acid deficiency began with the use of pesticides, herbicides and synthetic fertilizers. These chemicals killed the natural microbes in the soil that created the fulvic acid. Without the protection from the microbes and fulvic acid, the vegetables become dependent on the chemicals to produce a good yield. However, these vegetables are lower in fulvic acid and trace minerals as a result of years of using too many chemicals. This creates a vicious cycle that is hazardous to the soil, the plants and to our health.

To help to counter this cycle and to protect your health, we encourage you to eat organic fruits and vegetables whenever possible. The organic farming process values the microbes in the soil. We also encourage you to take Pure Fulvic Minerals. This will help to ensure that you are getting the trace minerals that your body needs and you are getting a good source of fulvic acid which will help in the assimilation of nutrients along with the detoxification of heavy metals and other pollutants.