What is the percentage of Fulvic acid in your product?

Pure Fulvic Minerals consistently tests at 50,000 part per million (ppm) to 100,000 ppm fulvic acid. This means our product contains between 5% and 10% fulvic acid. While this number may seem low at first glance, beware of any product which claims to contain more than 10% fulvic acid content. Some products claim to have 70% fulvic acid content (or 700,000 ppm). However, upon closer look, these products often have a 20% humic acid (200,000 ppm) and 20% mineral content (350,000 ppm). Basic chemistry will tell you that these numbers don’t add up. This product would have over one million ppm of mineral content, making it a solid rather than a liquid. Even 500,000 ppm in a product would turn the liquid into a thick, sludgy substance. In fact, it’s extremely rare for a product to contain more than 4% fulvic acid content since fulvic acids appear in minute quantities in nature. Therefore, Pure Fulvic Minerals has one of the highest fulvic acid content percentages on the market – without false or exaggerated content percentage claims.