How are these fulvic minerals any different than other liquid minerals?

Pure Fulvic Minerals is a superior product compared to others on the market for several reasons. For example, Pure Fulvic Minerals contains only viable nutrients, unlike other mineral products which are actually made from coals like lignite or leonordite which are low in BTUs. Unlike Pure Fulvic Minerals, these inferior products contain little (if any) trace minerals or fulvic acids. They are sold in large bottles that are sometimes 32 ounces in size, meaning that the product is very diluted. Pure Fulvic Minerals are sold and taken in smaller quantities because of the high potency and fulvic acid content of our product. Also, we only get our trace mineral products from natural, plant sources, while others derive their mineral products from salt lake sources which contain unhealthy levels of chloride and carbon. Therefore, Pure Fulvic Minerals contains high quantities of amino acids, trace minerals, fulvic acids and humic acids without any of the metal, chloride or carbon content found in other products. Be especially wary of “black water” products – these products contain high levels of carbon and coal dust which dramatically decrease the health benefits of the fulvic acids.